Tuesday, 14 October 2014

lunch at nana's

Yesterday we had lunch at Nana's and we got to meet a little friend of yours for the very first time.
Yeah - you and your new little buddy were clearly not as thrilled about a ladies lunch as we all were!

child development

I read this Huffington Post article on "What really happens when toddlers see you angry" and then I fell into a rabbit whole of watching videos on child development and the brain...so fascinating! 

Ahh those google boys, they've definitely outsmarted Mr Britannic!

I've always found this stuff fascinating. It's one thing to study it as a young adult at uni but it's a whole another thing to amerce yourself in it as a new parent, it comes with a whole new level of heaviness and responsibility.

Below are a few of the video's I watched if you're bored on the train one afternoon :)

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

So interesting - made me think that maybe I should start talking to Lucas in Macedonian a bit more. 

The power of relationships in Early Childhood Development

I scanned this one...but I'm hoping to get a chance to watch the rest later.

"As parents although it's not possible to always do it, nor should we expect ourselves to but when we can convey through the moment to moment way in which we respond to our children, that they are valuable, that they are important, that they are safe. These things are being conveyed in the way a child is looked at, held, supported and will go far in casting a shadow, a positive shadow, on who a child can be. Because those messages that seem momentary are actually embedded in a child for life"

First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a child's developing brain 

This one is a little confronting but powerful.

"That's the beauty of the human brain, it is a mirror to that child's developmental experience"

Monday, 13 October 2014

central park bike ride

Remember this? 

Ridding through Central Park with an umbrella and map in hand...oh and a rather large camera :P

Oh that's right we made the most of the rain and had a little snooze while we waited for it to pass. Is that our red picnic blanket?? Did I pack that in my suite case...from Sydney to NY?! Wow - sometimes I even amaze myself!
[right: your 'Home Alone' face]

Sunday, 12 October 2014

working parents

The ven diagram below summaries the domains of interest that what my dream job would entail. Ok, so photography would be in there too but I'm trying to be realistic here :P

 In my mind this equation has always made sense. We can not economically flourish as a nation if the family unit isn't strong. 

The spot where government legislation, the corporate world and the family unit intersect is the 'sweet spot'. When all three are working and functioning to support each other all three domains thrive.

I stumbled across this interview with Michelle Obama at the White House Working Families summit. So exciting to see an administration thinking about this stuff. 

I haven't watched the whole thing but I'd recommend watching from 5.30 - 15mins, she's so authentic and candid.

Mum, I laughed when she was talking about sending the kids to school when they're a little sick I thought "ahh there you go...even the first lady did it...wasn't just my mum!"

the three of us

We both know that parenthood looks nothing like this but that's not to say it doesn't feel like this... 99% of the time :P

I love doing this journey with you honey. The early mornings, the explosive nappies, the trips to emergency are all made better because we're a team.

As for you Lucas, you are so much fun to be around. You bring out the best in your Dad and I. Apart from smothering you in kisses from head to toe each day I'm just not sure how to tell you how much we LOVE being around you.

We love seeing you smile and giggle. You're Dad has all of a sudden become really, really funny. He wasn't this funny before you arrived. I think that's partly because he now has permission to legitimately crack Dad jokes but mainly because he just loves seeing you smile and giggle!

Dad, thank you so much for taking these images for us. I can't tell you how incredible it is to have images that capture what I feel in my heart when I'm around these two amazing men!! So special!


ps: Lucas, you were a wee 6 weeks old when we took these, you're twice as old now!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

happy birthday baba

Happy Birthday Mum!

I know I keep saying thank you but I can't tell you enough how amazed and thankful I've been for the way you have loved and cared for my new little family over the last 11 weeks.

Lucas, Jarrod and I are so blessed to be loved by you. 

Thank you for the 101 little things you've done for us...
  • Thank you for your ninja like antics while we were in hospital, where you'd fly in with a meal, tidying up and disappear all before we'd had a chance to blink.  And then you'd reappear again with yet another meal...for 5 days straight! You saw us a couple of times each day and yet you didn't cuddle Lucas till he was 7 days old!! Because according to you "Tina, it's you're job to cuddle him and my job to look after you and Jarrod"...I was floored when you said that because I know how long you've waited to hold your grandson.
  • Thank you for dropping in with pancakes so we could have a nice breakfast when we arrived home.
  • Thank you for driving Lucas and I around and for putting up with my "wow- mum you're a really bad driver" comments :P
  • Thank you for turning up to say hi and looking after Luca so I could have a shower and then disappearing and reappearing with a few things you noticed we needed.
But above all that and the 96 other things I haven't listed because a little guy is waiting for me to feed him...thank you for being so happy for me, for looking at Lucas the way you do and for showering him with your time, love and affection.
 I'm incredibly blessed to have been raised by such a strong and passionate woman.

Happy birthday mum, happy birthday baba!

We love you.


Monday, 6 October 2014

what a gift

What a precious gift you are Mr Lucas.

[Photo credits to my super hot hubby - seriously just check out how good looking your son is. Need I say more?]

And for those wondering - the answer is yes. 

Motherhood really is this gorgeous and glamorous...0.001% of the time, I promise!

Friday, 3 October 2014

my boy

I adore this image of you, for so many reasons!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

bathtime...take two

Someone finally had a bath in the bathtub. Ok. Ok. So technically it was a bath, in a bucket that was in the bathtub but who's keeping count :P

The point is you're making progress - yay!!

Side note: Man you are so darn cute!!

a fool for you

Looking at these photos you'd assume we were in a backyard or a park but no. We're sitting in front of a house on the side walk in Bondi.
You needed to have your nappy changed and you looked like you wanted to play a little before we got in the car to drive home. So that's what we did.
When I saw these pics your Dad took I realised "wow- I really am happy to look like a fool just about anywhere for this little guy!"

The crazy things you do for love.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

a day at work with dad...sort of

Your first day at work with Dad - well sort of.
 You and I waited in the car while Dad had his meeting and then Dad joined us for a walk and lunch down by the beach. 
And yes - going to work is this much fun everyday - well sort of.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

playgroup shenanigans

Your first ever playgroup was a few weeks ago. Here are some pics of the shenanigans you and your mates got up to.

Here you are having a nice big stretch before all the games kick off.
Can you spot the real baby?
The Parachute game - this one seems to be a favorite of yours. Your little eyes light up!
Below are the lovely ladies that sat either side of you.
And here are a few of the amazing mums that look after your little friends.

morning cuddles

Oh my boys having a morning cuddle - ok more like mid morning. I didn't take a pic of the 5am morning cuddle - but it looked just like this I promise ;)
I love the way you love him, the way you want to spend time with him and be around him, even when he's upset. I love that you're so hands on even with the hard stuff and that you give it a go whenever you can. I think it takes a lot of heart and confidence to do what you do for us both. You are such a great Dad J.

Friday, 26 September 2014

two months

1 month. Mr Lucas - always keen to chat.
2 months. Mr Lucas - the thinker.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do these monthly pics - so glad you insisted we did. Can't believe how much he's grown in just one month. I'm hoping he continues to have fun in front of the camera. 
He is hilarious!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

you discovered trees


When we were at Coogee last week, you looked up while we were walking and discovered trees. You were so amazed.

from the city to the surf

[thanks for this photo mum, who said you couldn't use my camera...you nailed it!]

On Tuesday, you had your first trip into the city. Baba and Aunty Tanya took you for a walk in Hyde park while Dad and I had our meeting. Dad went back to work while the four of us went to Coogee for a walk and some lunch.

I went to uni just up the road from this beach. The first time I sun-baked on that sand was the same day I sat for my last exam, I was at uni for 5 years! I know how nerdy must your mum have been!! Either that or I was more interested in getting home so I could hang out with a cute guy I knew (aka your dad). The truth lays somewhere between those two facts. 

Your mum was a nerd who was madly in love with her cute boyfriend.