Thursday, 2 October 2014

a fool for you

Looking at these photos you'd assume we were in a backyard or a park but no. We're sitting in front of a house on the side walk in Bondi.
You needed to have your nappy changed and you looked like you wanted to play a little before we got in the car to drive home. So that's what we did.
When I saw these pics your Dad took I realised "wow- I really am happy to look like a fool just about anywhere for this little guy!"

The crazy things you do for love.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

a day at work with dad...sort of

Your first day at work with Dad - well sort of.
 You and I waited in the car while Dad had his meeting and then Dad joined us for a walk and lunch down by the beach. 
And yes - going to work is this much fun everyday - well sort of.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

playgroup shenanigans

Your first ever playgroup was a few weeks ago. Here are some pics of the shenanigans you and your mates got up to.

Here you are having a nice big stretch before all the games kick off.
Can you spot the real baby?
The Parachute game - this one seems to be a favorite of yours. Your little eyes light up!
Below are the lovely ladies that sat either side of you.
And here are a few of the amazing mums that look after your little friends.

morning cuddles

Oh my boys having a morning cuddle - ok more like mid morning. I didn't take a pic of the 5am morning cuddle - but it looked just like this I promise ;)
I love the way you love him, the way you want to spend time with him and be around him, even when he's upset. I love that you're so hands on even with the hard stuff and that you give it a go whenever you can. I think it takes a lot of heart and confidence to do what you do for us both. You are such a great Dad J.

Friday, 26 September 2014

two months

1 month. Mr Lucas - always keen to chat.
2 months. Mr Lucas - the thinker.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do these monthly pics - so glad you insisted we did. Can't believe how much he's grown in just one month. I'm hoping he continues to have fun in front of the camera. 
He is hilarious!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

you discovered trees


When we were at Coogee last week, you looked up while we were walking and discovered trees. You were so amazed.

from the city to the surf

[thanks for this photo mum, who said you couldn't use my nailed it!]

On Tuesday, you had your first trip into the city. Baba and Aunty Tanya took you for a walk in Hyde park while Dad and I had our meeting. Dad went back to work while the four of us went to Coogee for a walk and some lunch.

I went to uni just up the road from this beach. The first time I sun-baked on that sand was the same day I sat for my last exam, I was at uni for 5 years! I know how nerdy must your mum have been!! Either that or I was more interested in getting home so I could hang out with a cute guy I knew (aka your dad). The truth lays somewhere between those two facts. 

Your mum was a nerd who was madly in love with her cute boyfriend.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

bath time success

Bath time success at last - sort of. If a bucket in the shower classifies as a "bath" then yes, we've had bath time success :D

I've had the term "strategic" in my official title at work for a few years now but I have to say motherhood has required more strategist thinking than any other role I've had and they say your brain goes to mush when you're looking after a baby ?!?

Keeping a new little human alive and happy while you're getting minimal sleep requires a lot more brain power, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence than writing a report for a senator or appearing at a public hearing...granted there's no paycheck in the mail at the end of the day for all my efforts but a smile from our little man makes me feel like a million bucks! It's such a clique but it's true.

8 weeks

You, Mr Lucas are so adorable I find it hard not to squish you or eat your chubby little thighs up. You're officially 8 weeks old, here are a few cute things you're now doing that I just love and don't want to forget:
  • the way you hold my arm when I'm burping you
  • the way you smile at Dad and I as you're waking up
  • the way you stretch your arms out and pull your head back when I pick you up out of your cot  just before you feed
  • the concentration on your face while you're doing tummy time
  • the little chats/babbles we share while you're getting your nappy changed and the smiles - oh the smiles!
  • the way you smiled and babbled to Lilly and Jonty at Eva's birthday party when they came to say hi to you. I was so happy to see you so happy in their company!
  • the moment you discovered trees - the look on your face was priceless. Baba and I couldn't stop laughing! You were utterly amazed.
I'm so blessed to be able to spend my days with you.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

snippets from fathers day


The weather wasn't great but we made the most of it.
Breakfast in bed (or on the kitchen bench as it turned out), a walk along the coast, scotch taste testing followed by a non finitos pizza while watching an episode of 'Doctor Who'. 
 If tasting scotch and watching 'Doctor Who' doesn't say 'I love you J, thank you for being an amazing dad' - I don't know what will :P