u i and love

a tale of two hearts

Bowral for your birthday

Happy Birthday honey.

There is so much I want to write but alas Esther just woke up and I want to play with her. 

I think you summarised this day best when you looked at me with my large margarita in hand and said:

"Wow, my cheeks and jaw hurt from smiling so much all day!"

Oh how I love you. 


Esther as our plus one

Mitch and Sophie got hitched!!

And baby girl you were our plus one - oh man you are fun.

Smiles for miles. 

max turns 4

This was the first party you've ever thrown for someone. 
We couldn't make it to Max's birthday and I was a little devastated for you but you didn't miss a beat "Mum it's ok, we'll make Max some brownies for a cake. We can make a banana pinjata and have a party for him another day!" 

So we did just that. Wish I'd taken photos of the chalk board sign you insisted needed to be made for him and put on the driveway or the balloons you wanted hung for him in the bush out the front of the house or the "cubby house" you both build in the backyard. 

All that to say, I'm finding it pretty special seeing you learn how to love your friends well.